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About Us

We at Leospeak run a variety of courses to cater to everyone’s needs.  Due to the diversity of programs we offer there is certainly a course suitable for you, regardless of your current standard of English.

We have designed the program with focus and passion, have laid emphasis on improving our students’ all round English – written as well as spoken.  Our expert tutors have enabled us to provide expert tuition focusing on pronunciation and accent suitable for those who want to succeed in the world of business too

Our flexible time schedules for students demonstrate our dedication towards them and allow people with other commitments to attend lessons at a time that is suitable for them. We have a dedicated team which includes experts drawn from various multifaceted professions and cultures.  Our devoted teachers are committed to furthering the course of English.  We give you a platform from which you can succeed in any area of life you choose.  There is no limit to what you can achieve if you join Leospeak.com

Teaching Module
Our teaching procedure lays importance on oral communication skills. We have developed a visual-cum-interactive method that focuses on effective English communication. Through our routine we enable learners to have a quick grasp of the language. They are to frame sentences quickly, thereby easing communication. Our interactive approach sparks an interest in verbal and social contact with others.


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